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Top 8 Gifts for Travelers


What are the best bon voyage gifts for travelers? Items that are light, useful, and add a touch of fun or at least convenience to travel. If you're looking for gifts to delight a traveler (or even yourself), consider these.

1. Celestron Binoculars with Built-in Digital Camera

Give your favorite travelers a gift of binoculars so they can view wondrous things more clearly -- and then capture them in pixels. Celestron makes a variety of photographic binoculars in range of prices.
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2. Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Make the world go away! Or at least the sounds of jet engines and crying babies. Travelers who fly will thank you for this gift every time the get on a plane.
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3. Toiletries Tote

Let's face it: Some of us don't travel as lightly as we ought to. So for those who take comfort in packing all our favorite oils and unguents, lotions and assorted sundries, this well-organized hanging kit features plenty of compartments and can accommodate full-size bottles. Perhaps someone you know will need two.

4. No-Jet-Lag

These small, white, pleasant-tasting homeopathic pills can make the difference between travelers falling asleep on their first day and seeing the sights. Directions say to chew one at take-off, and then every two hours when not asleep on the plane. They work for me.

5. TSA-Approved Combination Lock

With one of these luggage locks affixed to a suitcase, the only traveler who can unlock it is the key holder. And the only official who can plumb its contents is a Transportation Safety Administration worker with a key. The lock will indicate if it as been opened. Makes a good gift for those who travel with valuable cargo.
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6. Weekender Kit by Kama Sutra

Turn any trip into a sensual journey with this travel-size kit. Contains Oil of Love, Wild Clove Luxury Bathing Gel, Pleasure Balm, Sweet Almond Massage Oil, and Honey Dust with feather applicator. On second thought, maybe you won't even need to leave home....
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7. Grundig AM/FM Shortwave Radio

A worthy companion for couples traveling to places where radio reception or local entertainment is iffy. Tunes in AM/FM stations and shortwave bands. Several models operate on hand-cranking for power, which makes them a thoughtful gift for eco-conscious travel friends.
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8. 10 Best of Everything: An Ultimate Guide for Travelers

Collectors of experiences and armchair travelers alike will enjoy a gift of book that points out everything from the world's best cappuccino to the top secret island hideaway and more to inspire wanderlust.
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