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Top 8 Cosmetic Bags & Makeup Cases for Travel


Where do you carry cosmetics, haircare, and skincare supplies when you travel? If you've been relegating makeup and grooming supplies to a plastic bag, it may be time to upgrade to a nicer cosmetics case.

The best cosmetics and makeup bags have dedicated areas for different products and a protective case. When packing for your next travel getaway, consider organizing your cosmetics and makeup in one of these holders.

1. Trish McEvoy Deluxe Planner Makeup Case

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Like a miniature portable vanity table, this elegant quilted black mini makeup kit (does it remind you of a Chanel case?) works like a Filofax that you can fill with your personally selected brushes and colors for cosmetic touchups on the go.

2. Vera Bradley Travel Cosmetics Case

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Vera Bradley designs soft bags and luggage for women in a variety of pretty prints. Thanks to the quilted fabric, their light weight is ideal for travel. This makeup and cosmetics case is lined, with multiple dividers and a zippered lid. The design has changed from oval (pictured) to rectangular, which is easier to pack.

3. Victorinox Hanging Cosmetic Case

When the same company that makes Swiss Army knives starts making kits to tote your makeup, cosmetics, and toiletries, it's worth a second look. This sporty hanging bag — voted "Best of the Best" by customers — is large enough to hold full-size bottles, a boon for those traveling for a length of time and need to use a particular shampoo or other hair product often.

4. Leather Train Case

The boxy shape of this cosmetics and makeup case evokes long train rides, yet this compact (8" x 6" x 6") leather bag will easily fit under an airplane seat or inside larger bags. Having its contents within reach ensures your makeup looks great when you arrive. Updated features include a waterproof case and a zip-around bottom compartment for brushes or other makeup paraphernalia.
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5. Man's Shaving Kit

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He needs a stylish place to stash his shaving gear, toothbrush and toothpaste, and hair styling products, too. Choose this quality leather kit from Mulholland Brothers. It measures 10 x 7.5 x 4 deep.

6. Bobbi Brown Makeup Organizer

© Nordstrom.
The famous makeup artist's organizer is sized to fit your beauty must-haves, ranging from skincare to makeup and tools. The brush holder secures up to seven makeup brushes, and two removable mesh pouches make it easy to organize small items such as individual eye shadows.

7. Colorful Cosmetics Case in Leather

Available in a variety of colors, from girly pastel pink to serious saddle leather, this neat cosmetics case may be more useful for those who travel with hair products than makeup or cosmetics that need to be tightly organized. The interior of this bag contains six elastic pockets to hold items you don't want mingling.
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8. Microfiber Cosmetics Tote

Large as a tote bag (14" x 11" x 5.5") — it even has a shoulder strap — this lightweight makeup and cosmetics organizer is very versatile. You can easily convert it to an open hanging cosmetic bag that provides access to full-size personal care items within. It conveniently features many see-through pockets, compartments, and elastic loops. B
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