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Top 6 Backpacks for Women


Even women who have no intention of camping on their honeymoon may want to consider using a backpack. While some women prefer carrying a backpack to a handbag, others may want a backpack just for a day hike. What do women keep in a travel backpack? Snacks, travel guides, a change of clothes or shoes, travel documents -- and perhaps a small tablecloth, bottle of wine and opener, cheese, and other fixings for an impromptu (and very romantic) outdoor picnic.

1. Quilted Nylon Backpack for Women

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This chic and good-looking backpack for women from designer Franco Sarto measures 12 x 11 x 5 and weighs just over a pound. Exterior pockets on the sides and in the back help organize. Available in red and black with faux-leather trim. A matching coin wallet is included.

2. Tiganello Leather Backpack for Women

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This sleek and sophisticated model features an easy-to-access exterior zippered pouch to help keep you organized. Fully lined, there's are multiple zippers on the inside. Thanks to a flat bottom, it stands upright rather than falls over when you put it down. In cognac or black, it's a sophisticated choice for a woman who doesn't want to walk around with a backpack that looks like a kid's.

3. Anti-Theft Women's Backpack

Another strong-and-safe bag from the PacSafe line, you can tote this roomy and well-organized backpack. Has protective front and bottom panels, tamperproof zippers, RFID shield, and other built-in antitheft design. Also includes a padded laptop sleeve and removable, locking bag.

4. Vera Bradley Cotton Backpack

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Pretty as could be, Vera Bradley's colorful quilted backpack for women in lightweight cotton comes in a variety of prints. If you see one you like, buy it now -- fabrics are retired after a certain amount of time, and the one you like may no longer be available.

5. JanSport Rolling Women's Backpack

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Give your back a break with this versatile rolling backpack, which weighs nearly half as much as its competitors. It has padded shoulder straps as well as inline ball bearing wheels and a retractable handle.

6. Healthy Back Backpack

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AmeriBag's backpacks, useful for both men and women, is made of nylon, microfiber, leather, or recycled materials. All are designed to keep weight off your spine and available in many colors, sizes, and other styles.
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