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Romantic Toronto


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Try on the Bata Shoe Museum for Size
Romantic Toronto

Feet, start walking to the Bata Shoe Museum.

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One way to know it's really love is when you can convince your other half to visit a place that doesn't seem like something he or she would be interested in. If your other half agrees, you're well on the road to enduring love, since you already know how to compromise. And if your other half goes with an open mind and ultimately finds the attraction as interesting as you do, bingo! You've got a keeper.

The Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto needs that kind of preface. It's not a typical museum. In fact, it may be the only shoe museum in the world. Three floors of shoes hold both the expected (Princess Diana's heels, Elvis' blue suede) as well as a truly fascinating array of footwear that dates back nearly as far as when man first stood upright and needed protection for his tender soles.

Wooden sandals from Egypt more than four centuries old... intricately beaded moccasins made by indigenous North American peoples... silver wedding sandals from India... reindeer-skin boots from Siberia... and embroidered silk shoes as tiny as baby booties worn by foot-bound Chinese women are all part of this fascinating collection.

If you love handcrafts and history, a visit to the fascinating Bata Shoe Museum will expose you to other cultures, countries, and times from the ground up. Find out more: Bata Shoe Museum.

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