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Park Hyatt Tokyo in Japan


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Park Hyatt Tokyo in a Nutshell
Park Hyatt Tokyo in Japan

The hotel is on the top floors of the tallest building in the triple-spired Shinjuku Park Tower.

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The Tokyo Park Hyatt, best known as the hotel that provided the setting for the film Lost in Translation, isn't merely a place where guests feel on top of the world; they literally are on top. Check-in is located on the 41st floor of the modern Shinjuku Park Tower, and rooms begin on even higher floors.

As soon as you drive up, a staffer will emerge to meet you and help with luggage. You'll be guided to check-in on the 41st floor, past two of the hotel restaurants and the library.

The interior is a harmony of fine polished woods, granite, textured papers and fabrics, and gleaming metal. But what mesmerizes most are the views, panoramic vistas of the teeming city below that 13 million people call home.

At check-in, you'll receive your room key, which dangles from a silver Tiffany keychain and communicates that you have booked yourselves into an extraordinary hotel.

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