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Top 11 Romantic Gifts from $500 Dollars


If your budget for gifts starts at $500, there's a huge selection of presents you can choose from -- and I think these are among the most romantic and desirable.

Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or Valentine's Day, these romantic gifts are all available online. Each has been carefully selected to surprise and delight the recipient.

1. A Sandals All-Inclusive Vacation - starts at $500/day

© Sandals Resorts.
Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean are romantic beach havens in the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Grenada. If you want to celebrate, this is the place to luxuriously bask in the sun without worrying about what it will all add up to -- because you'll know in advance. Figure on about $500 a day for everything except airfare and spa services.

2. Apple iPad Air - starts at $479

© Apple.
If your favorite romantic loves the latest and the greatest gifts, choose the sleek new iPad Air. Everyone wants one. Or choose the go-everywhere iPad mini, which starts at $279.
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3. 14k Rose Gold Diamond and Pink Amethyst Ring - $795

© Heavenly Treasures.
A faceted amethyst is surrounded by diamonds and framed in a beautiful rose-gold setting. Yellow and white gold settings are also available, as are matching earrings.

4. 100 Blooms of Red Roses Bouquet - $350

© 1-800-FLOWERS.
Wow! Want to make a powerful impression on Valentine's Day or any other time of year with a surfeit of red roses? Tell her you love her 100 times with this tall bouquet that yields more than 100 red roses.

5. Nordstrom Gift Card - choose $$$

© Nordstrom.
Sometimes the best gifts are the ones the recipient can choose for him or herself. It may not seem romantic at the time, but a gift card motivates a loved one to indulge -- and that's always a good thing! Nordstrom gift cards are available in denominations up to $1,000.

6. Marc Jacobs Cashmere Sweater - $650

Soft and supple, cashmere is the fiber that women crave. This beautiful material has been fashioned by designer Marc Jacobs into a marine-blue crewneck sweater that hugs the body, almost as sensually as a pair of strong arms.

7. "You and No Other" 14K Gold Engraved Ring - $698

© Heavenly Treasures.
If love fills your heart but you're at a loss for words when it comes to giving a gift, this utterly romantic gold band says it all for a man or a woman. The French inscription "Vous et nul Autre" translates as "You and No Other," a phrase that bespeaks love and loyalty. (Note: Those on a budget can buy this ring in silver for $49).

8. Sony Camcorder with Projector - from $648

How cool is this: A digital camcorder with a built-in projector? So you can enjoy those vacation videos you shoot during the day later at night (or vice versa). As long as you have a wall, you can project your pix up to a size of 100 diagonal inches for an appreciative audience.
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9. 1/4 Carat Three-Diamond Ring - $698

© Heavenly Treasures.
Say it with diamonds! This ring delivers a lot of diamond sparkle for a relatively small amount of money. Available with a total diamond weight of 1/4 carat for under $500, you can also upgrade to larger diamonds for a bit more money. Buyers can choose between white and yellow-gold settings.

10. Tom Ford's Italian Cypress Eau de Parfum Decanter

Can't escape to Italy right now? Bring the romantic scent of this country home in an elegant decanter that contains 8.4 oz. of the private blend created especially for the designer's Milan atelier.

11. Diamond Hoop Earrings - $995

© Heavenly Treasures.
Over budget but too beautiful to be discounted, these classic-looking diamond hoops go with everything and sparkle brightly.
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