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Top 10 Romantic Gifts around 100 Dollars


If you want to dazzle your romantic partner, any of these romantic gifts is bound to please. Whether it's her birthday, anniversary, holiday, or Valentine's Day, these affordable yet romantic gifts are all priced around $100 US dollars or less and are available online. Each has been carefully selected to surprise and delight the recipient.

1. Sweetheart Necklace - $99

© Heavenly Treasures.
The advantage of giving a necklace or pendant as a gift is that the size is always right and sparkly things can set a heart afire. This enameled blue heart on a sterling silver chain is inspired by sweetheart candy and carries the universal symbol of love and kisses on it.

2. Sexy Red Pumps - $100

Who doesn't feel sexier in a pair of high heels? This style is covered in suede with a cute bow and a heel that's 3.25 inches tall. But you'll be there to massage them when she kicks them off, right?

3. Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace - $89

© Heavenly Treasures.
This yard-long rope of genuine pink freshwater pearls is designed to be looped over the head and worn as a double strand of pearls. It's a romantic gift in a color that complements many complexions.

4. Two Dozen Premium Long Stem Red Roses - $120

© 1-800-FLOWERS.COM.
Send 24 American Beauty roses to your sweetheart.

5. Donna Karan Nightgown - $135

© Nordstrom.
Sexy and slinky, this is the kind of sleepwear that makes a woman feel romantic. (Although men may appreciate short-short gowns, women love garments that leave something to the imagination.) The color choices ink blue and light heather gray, the pima cotton material is soft next to her skin, and the fit will make her want to do a slow dance with you.

6. Key to Your Heart Necklace - $89

© Heavenly Treasures.
Prove that she holds the key to your heart by gifting her with a symbolic sterling silver one. Suspended from a 30" chain necklace, the eye-catching pendant measures 2 3/8" x 5/8."

7. Rolling Carry-on Case - $84

© Samsonite.
Does she bring her laptop everywhere? Then make life a little easier for her by giving her a rolling case to carry it in. This Samsonite four-wheel tote comes in teal, pink, and black. And there's enough room to accommodate a weekend wardrobe in this easy carry-on.

8. Prada 'Infusion d'Iris' Perfume Spray - $110

© Prada.
If there's a fragrance that's come out in the past few years that's as fresh, romantic, and mesmerizing as Prada's Infusion d'Iris, I haven't smelled it. Prada's gorgeous scent is offered in a 3.4-ounce spray bottle as well as body lotion, eau de toilette spray, and perfumed bath and shower gel.

9. Sterling Silver Heart Lariat Bracelet - $129

This gift bracelet has a lot going for it: The trendy toggle style in always-cool sterling silver, the substantial-looking links, and the romantic charm of a heart. And thanks to the design of this 7" bracelet, the heart is always there to remind the recipient of you.

10. iPod Nano 7th Generation - $149

If your love loves music and is on the run, the latest generation of the 16GB iPod represents a great leap forward. It has built-in bluetooth and — along with your music — Nike+ support and a pedometer.
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