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Paul Gauguin Honeymoon Cruise


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Paul Gauguin Honeymoon Cruise
Paul Gauguin Honeymoon Cruise

Paul Gauguin’s aft deck, with Moorea’s Bali Hai mountain looming.

© Paul Gauguin Cruises.
A Paul Gauguin honeymoon cruise enables newlyweds to hopscotch from one tropical fantasy island to another, yet not have to change rooms even once.

This gleaming white ship sails between breathtaking French Polynesian islands while passengers nest in handsomely appointed staterooms with glorious ocean views.

The luxurious small cruise ship is named for Paul Gauguin, a Parisian artist who spent his last decade in French Polynesia. His deceptively simple, vivid paintings of island maidens and scenes sparked the influential Primitivist school of painting.

Gauguin died in 1903 and is buried on Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Islands, a port of call of his namesake ship.

Paul Gauguin cruises ply the South Seas in a quartet of itineraries ranging from 7 to 14 days. The line's port of embarkation is Papeete, French Polynesia’s capital. Air Tahiti Nui flies direct from LAX to Papeete, and the pier is a short cab ride from the airport.

Honeymoon couples will be pleased to know that Paul Gauguin cruises are sold on an all-inclusive basis, with all meals, tips, almost all liquor, and many activities covered in advance. The cruise price even includes Air Tahiti Nui coach-class tickets from LAX and North American connections to Los Angeles from dozens of cities.

Not included are Air Tahiti Nui business class seating, shipboard cabin upgrades, guide-led shore excursions, spa treatments, and a few liquor labels. However, a shipboard credit often granted as a booking bonus by the ship can be applied to most of these costs.

In many ways, Paul Gauguin is a floating resort. Yet its cruise fares constitute a fraction of what French Polynesia’s resorts charge. While a Paul Gauguin cruise is not a bargain vacation, it is still a remarkable value for a Tahiti honeymoon.

A Paul Gauguin cruise is easy to love, and the ship accrues consistent honors. Ever since Paul Gauguin took to the waters in 1998, the line has been ranked one of the world’s top five small cruise ships in Condé Nast Traveler’s annual Readers' Choice Awards.

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French Polynesia’s main island of Tahiti is reached via flights from Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, and Auckland on Air Tahiti Nui.

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