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Four Seasons Bora Bora Resort


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Where is Bora Bora?
Four Seasons Bora Bora Resort

The parking lot of Four Seasons Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

© Barbara Kraft/Four Seasons.
Scribe James Michener called Bora Bora — an 11-square-mile patch of land lorded over by two extinct volcano peaks — the world’s most beautiful island, adding “anyone who has been here wants to return.”

Bora Bora is in the Society Islands archipelago of French Polynesia, a French-speaking South Pacific island nation. Perched just below the equator halfway between Peru and Australia, French Polynesia is one of the most remote countries on earth, a fact that appeals to adventurous honeymoon couples.

Bora Bora is ringed by smaller islands, or motus, that form a necklace around the main island. Bora Bora’s airport and some of its resorts, including Four Seasons Bora Bora, are set on these motus, providing dramatic views across to the central island and its jagged, jungle-carpeted peaks.

The motus surrounding Bora Bora part to form only one deep-water channel leading to open seas. This creates a warm, tranquil, fish-filled lagoon between the motus and the main island. The water is Tiffany-blue in hue and alive with brilliantly colored tropical fish.

Overseas visitors to Bora Bora must fly into Faa’a International Airport in the country’s capital, Papeete, on Tahiti island. (Air Tahiti Nui is “first in flight” to French Polynesia.) From Faa’a, Bora Bora-bound travelers hop an Air Tahiti inter-island flight to travel the 140 miles northwest.

Some visitors discover Bora Bora as a port of call on a French Polynesia itinerary aboard a ship such as the Paul Gauguin. True to Michener, many vow to return.

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