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Swiss Travel Passes and Train Tickets

Get Around Switzerland on a Train Ticket


Switzerland boasts 13,000 miles of train, bus, and boat routes, which provide more excursion possibilities than any other European country. For the convenience of visitors, the Swiss Travel System offers a range of travel passes and tickets. Here you can find a ticket that works best for your trip to Switzerland and order it directly online from Rail Europe:

Travelers may explore the entire country of Switzerland on passes good for 4, 8, 15, 22 days or one month. They are valid on the entire network of trains, buses, and boats. A Swiss Pass provides passage on Switzerland's scenic trains (reservations required) and also entitles its holders to discounts on mountaintop excursions.
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This is a ticket program for travelers who don’t plan to travel in Switzerland by train every day. It is available as 3 to 6-day passes within the same month, and users receive the same benefits and advantages of a Swiss Pass on days the Flexipass is activated. Users choose from first or second-class passage.
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Also for couples, the Swiss Saver Flexipass gives two or more persons traveling together discounts on Swiss Flexi Pass tickets.
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Train tickets ideal for couples, the Swiss Saver Pass entitles two traveling together to see the sights at a discounted price. There's a choice of 4, 8, 15 and 22-day tickets or a month of unlimited travel with this ticket.
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This is the best ticket for those who only plan to visit one destination while in Switzerland. It includes a free roundtrip anywhere in the country, whether the trip starts at a Swiss airport or at the border. Each leg of the trip must be completed in the same day.
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This is the correct pass for travelers intent on staying in a particular region of Switzerland and making shorter trips from there. It's good for up to one month. An extension of the Swiss Transfer Ticket, the Swiss Card entitles the bearer to a 50 percent discount on all train, bus and boat transportation, including mountain top excursions, in addition to the holder’s single roundtrip by rail from any Swiss airport or border town to any single destination in Switzerland.
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Note: These passes are available to travelers from the USA and Canada and may be purchased online or prior to, or upon arrival, at any train station in Switzerland.

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