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Swiss Trains

Getting Around on the Swiss Travel System


Swiss trains offer an incomparable way to see the countryside, and you can go from point to point at your leisure or speedily. In fact, in Switzerland you can move from mountain top to balmy beach by train in less than two hours. Why not ski in the morning at Engelberg, attend the Zurich Opera at night, and leave the details to the highly efficient and dependable Swiss Travel System?

Swiss train stations, staffed by multi-lingual personnel, function as service centers complete with currency exchanges, luggage-storage facilities, and bicycle rentals. Some train and bus stations are so architecturally distinctive, they’re destinations in themselves.

One of the advantages of being centrally located within the continent is that Switzerland acts as a gateway to major European cities. Short distances and high-speed trains make for easy trips from Switzerland to neighboring countries, and making connections is generally uncomplicated.

In addition to providing information on and reservations for Switzerland’s network of trains, boats, and postal buses, stations sell seat and sleeper tickets for most other European trains as well.

Thanks to STS (Swiss Travel System) trains’ comfort, convenience, and reasonable fares, savvy travelers use them to avoid congested airports when traveling within Europe.

The ultimate baggage check, STS’ Luggage Service is a boon for all who prefer to travel unencumbered. Whether flying in for business or pleasure, you can check baggage at your local airport and have it delivered by train to your end destination in Switzerland. On the way home, passengers can check in at any of 100 train stations and have luggage safely forwarded to the Swiss airport, where it is then loaded on your flight.

Within the country, intelligent scheduling makes for virtually friction-free travel: InterCity trains that connect major Swiss municipalities run every half hour on a synchronized timetable. Busier suburban lines, identified by their S-Bahn designation, depart every 15 minutes during rush hour.

All Aboard the Trains of the Swiss Travel System

What kind of trains can you expect to ride within Switzerland? The Swiss Travel System operates some 1,500 modern, air-conditioned cars that have been wired to provide passengers with enhanced cell phone reception. A high-speed tilting train, the ICN connects western and eastern Switzerland.

Another new generation of STS train features an upper deck for enhanced views on scenic rides. These trains serve routes connecting Lake Geneva to Lake Constance, eastern Switzerland to Interlaken, Zurich Airport to Lucerne, Bern and Biel, and Basel to Chur, the capital of the canton of Graubuenden.

On-board dining ranges from classic cars decked out with white tablecloths, to meals at your seat, to mini-bars stocked with freshly prepared snacks on high-speed and InterCity trains.

The ICN even maintains some private dining cars, and the a double-decker features a sociable bistro. In each the decor, cuisine, and passing landscape all combine for a uniquely pleasurable dining experience.

To assure your ride is peaceful, on most InterCity lines there are special first-class Quiet Cars where loud conversations and the use of mobile phones and portable music devices is discouraged.

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