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Top 10 Things to Do Before Labor Day


As summer draws to an end and Labor Day looms, ask yourselves:

Did we work too hard, and not play enough this season?

If the answer is yes, there is still time to take advantage of late sunsets and balmy weather. Before the crisp days of autumn arrive, plan to savor the remaining days of summer by acting upon some of these suggestions before Labor Day.

1. Hit the Beach

© Susan Breslow Sardone.
How often did you make it to the beach this summer? If the answer is, "not often enough," get yourselves to a sandy shore and do some swimming before Labor Day comes and it's too cold to dunk. You'll find a list of some of America's most popular beaches here, and what to expect at them.

2. Go to the Fair

© Renaud Visage/Getty Images.
Some of the best state fairs take place right around Labor Day. If you've never been to your state fair, you're in for a huge treat. From the midway to the unusual fare (fried pickle on a stick, anyone?) to the farm animals on display, state fairs are good, old-fashioned fun.

3. Take a Romantic Drive

Mercedes E430
(c) Vincent Sardone.
Even if you can only get away for a few hours before Labor Day, go! And discover new places together. West to East, I've tracked some of the most scenic driving routes in the USA. All you need is a road map and four wheels to find paradise by the dashboard lights.

4. Take a Gamble

© The Venetian.
If you've never visited a casino, you're in for a good time. Even couples who don't gamble can find plenty of things to do. And the best part of all is, rooms are generally less expensive and more luxurious than non-casino lodgings. From Atlantic City to Las Vegas, there's plenty to do and see... not to mention 24-hour room service.

5. Meet for Drinks in a Revolving Restaurant

© Susan Breslow Sardone.
Days last longer in summer, and from a top spot in town you can see to the horizon. Go for sunset drinks, toasting one another till the evening skyscape begins to glitter.

6. Take It Off... Take It All Off: Visit a Nude Resort

© Hedonism III Resort.
When it's too steamy to even think about wearing shorts and a T-shirt, a nude resort starts sounding more and more appealing. Splash in cool water then unwind in the shade as you await the start of fall. You'll find a directory of nude beaches and resorts open through Labor Day and beyond here.

7. Spend all Day at the Movies or Watching DVDs

Image of DVD cover © PriceGrabber.
On days before Labor Day that are too hot to spend time outdoors, transport yourselves through the magic of the movies. Visit places you've never been, and open your eyes to new worlds. If nothing appeals at your local movie house, consider renting one of these travel classics. They are among the most beautiful movies ever shot on location.

8. Plan a Weekend Getaway

© Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau..
Every weekend from now through Labor Day offers you an opportunity to escape on a romantic getaway. And if you wait long enough, you may find some great last-minute deals. From Expedia to Go Today to Travelzoo to your favorite hotel chains and airlines, the offers are there. Use this page as a launching pad to discover where to search for pre- (and post-) Labor Day weekend getaway deals.

9. Get a Safe Suntan

© Susan Breslow Sardone.
Are you as pale as when summer started? Good! That means you haven't let the summer sun damage to your skin. Thanks to these safe tanning lotions, you can still have a healthy-looking suntan that lasts long after Labor Day.

10. Look Forward to Fall

© Nick White/Getty Images.
Before the leaves begin to turn color, consider how to make the most of your free time this fall, the best season for romance. It's not too early to start planning a fall foliage getaway right now. Check out my suggestions for getting most out of the year's most colorful season.
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