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Top 9 St. Lucia Luxury Hotels


St. Lucia in the Caribbean is a perennially popular spot for couples. The distinctive tall twin peaks Gros Piton and Petit Piton, sandy white beaches, luxury hotels, and French-Creole warmth of St. Lucia make it especially hospitable. The following St. Lucia luxury hotels can all provide a first-class experience on your vacation.

1. Jade Mountain

Cynthia Blair.
The newest and most luxurious resort on St. Lucia requires a bit of climbing, but guests all get their own swimming pool overlooking the Pitons. Opened in 2006, this resort-within-a-resort stands on the grounds of Anse Chastanet and guests have access to all of that hotel's facilities. Modernistic Jade Mountain is open on one side like a dollhouse, affording the exhilarating experience of sleeping in the open air while viewing St. Lucia’s majestic twin peaks. Children under 16 are not permitted at the property.

2. Ladera

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Tiny yet luxurious (Oprah slept here) Ladera is wedged between St. Lucia’s two majestic Pitons. The resort was built with a open wall that leads to each acommodation's private plunge pool. Suites are designed to create the feeling of a luxurious tree house and are located 1,100 feet above sea level. The Ladera spa features treatments inspired by the island’s volcanic history and the lush rainforest. They include a couples massage in which partners learn to massage each other. Children under age 15 are not permitted, except around Christmas and New Year’s.

3. Anse Chastanet

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Anse Chastanet's structures cover a hillside and lead down to a secluded beach, providing guests with spectacular views of both the mountains and the water. Shuttle buses can transport visitors around the property. No two guest rooms are alike, but all are in harmony with the beautiful natural surroundings at this 600-acre resort. Coral reefs close to the shore provide a place for snorkeling but the most luxurious experience at all here may be suspending oneself from a hammock stretched between two palm trees.

4. The BodyHoliday at LeSPORT

Spa resort where you can concentrate on golf, scuba, pampering, and each other.

5. The Royal St. Lucian

Guests can choose from an all-inclusive or traditional plan here.

6. East Winds

This 30-room, luxury all-inclusive resort is set by a sheltered bay five miles from the capital of St. Lucia.

7. Ti Kaye

Beauty and the beach, Ti Kaye offers secluded cottages on a a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

8. Windjammer Landing Resort

This 60-acre resort features rooms, suites, and villa accommodations .

9. The Inn on the Bay

Like to swim and sail? The Inn on the Bay is set on beautiful Marigot Bay.

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