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Ladera in St. Lucia


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What to Expect at Ladera
Ladera in St. Lucia

Ladera is an intimate, luxurious hideaway nestled between St. Lucia’s two most majestic peaks, the Pitons.

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Ladera is wedged between St. Lucia’s two majestic Pitons, the tall, green cone-shaped mountains that are icons for this island and absolutely breathtaking.

This tiny yet luxurious hideaway, which accommodates a maximum of 60 guests and has been a favorite with guests such as Oprah Winfrey, offers one visual treat after another: a small waterfall amidst tropical greenery, a whimsical tile frog set into the walkway, a decorative pool inset with brightly-colored tiles shaped like fish in the open-air reception area.

Accommodations are outstanding, with an open wall on one side that brings the outdoors –- and the close-up view of the Pitons –- right inside. Each guest room has its own private pool. Natural wood is used extensively, and there are whimsical touches everywhere, like dresser knobs shaped like fish and a lizard-shaped clothes hook.

Ladera has an outstanding restaurant that some consider St. Lucia’s finest. Chef Orlando Satchell has an expansive personality that makes guests feel welcome. The entire staff is warm and eager to please.

Facilities include a restaurant and bar, swimming pool, boutique, excursion desk, and shuttle service to the town of Soufriere and nearby beaches.

Children under age 15 are not permitted, except around Christmas and New Year’s, when children 7 to 14 are welcome.

Ladera prides itself on being an eco-lodge style property.

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