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The Body Holiday at LeSPORT in St Lucia


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What to Expect at The Body Holiday at LeSPORT
The Body Holiday at LeSPORT in St Lucia

One of three pools at the resort.

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The Body Holiday at LeSPORT prides itself on being a combination of a top of the line all-inclusive beach resort and a spa.

The focus is on health and well-being, and guests are encouraged to spend their days at the resort’s beaches, restaurants, and spa rather than in their rooms, one reason why there are no in-room TVs.

A one-hour spa treatment per day is included, and the restaurants offer healthy options such as gluten-free desserts and fruit smoothies.

The nicely landscaped 42-acre resort has three pools, two restaurants plus a casual deli, two bars, three swimming pools, a small beach, and facilities for snorkeling, scuba diving, water-skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, tennis, and other sports and activities.

The resort also offers a soft adventure program with overnight turtle watching expeditions and strenuous hikes.

The Body Holiday at LeSPORT’s true centerpiece, however, is its peach-colored spa, The Oasis. With its tremendous courtyard, arched walkways, and small swimming pool, it’s a Caribbean version of the Roman forum. Treatments include the Devil’s Mint Body Scrub, Aromapure Facials, and a Deep Tissue Chakra Balancer massage.

The long schedule of daily activities includes Ab Lab, Aqua Tone, power walks, a sunset stretch, and one-on-one personal training.

Children 16 and up are permitted except during July and August, when families can bring children 12 and up.

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