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St. Lucia Honeymoon

Discover What Makes St. Lucia a Honeymoon Haven


Although the Caribbean is filled with tempting honeymoon destinations, St. Lucia is easily one of its most beautiful islands.

Not only does it have countless beaches, with white sand in the north and black volcanic sand in the south. It also has spectacular green mountains — most notably, the two “signature” peaks, the cone-shaped Gros Piton and its twin, Petit Piton.

Honeymoon hotels on this relatively small island are distinctive, too. There are few sprawling, impersonal resorts in St. Lucia. Instead, there are more intimate resorts and inns, some still owned and operated by families.

Most St. Lucia resorts are clustered around the island’s two main towns, both located on the west coast: Castries, the capital, which has restaurants, bars, shopping, and nightlife; and Soufriere, a sleepy seaside town that some consider “the real St. Lucia.”

As a result, a honeymoon in St. Lucia tends to be a quieter, more low-key experience than it is on some of the other Caribbean islands.

It also offers some fabulous activities. Thanks to St. Lucia’s warm waters, visitors can enjoy all the water sports that are generally available elsewhere. The reefs provide excellent snorkeling, and scuba divers will enjoy poking around shipwrecks.

Twin Peaks
The mountains add another entire dimension to a St. Lucia honeymoon. In addition to being breathtakingly beautiful and allowing for some fabulous hiking, they offer the opportunity for romantic drives along winding mountain roads.

While the narrow lanes, hairpin turns, and dramatic drops can result in a somewhat harrowing trip, the spectacular views make it worth it — as long as your vehicle has good brakes and reliable tires.

St. Lucia’s history, as the locals are fond of explaining, is “seven times British, seven times French.”

Yet even though the British were the last ones in power, the French definitely had a stronger influence: Many of the towns and waterways have French names, such as Anse Chastanet and Anse La Raye — with “anse” meaning “bay.”

While the locals speak English with a Caribbean lilt, they also speak their own dialect of French.

One of the popular sights for tourists to visit, the Diamond Botanical Gardens, has stone tubs below the surface that Louis XVI built so his soldiers could benefit from the rejuvenating mineral waters.

Given the island’s colorful history, its imposing mountains, and its calm and inviting seas, a St. Lucia honeymoon is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

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