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Horseback Riding Vacations

Q&A with Katherine Blocksdorf, About.com Guide to Horses


Tahiti Horseback Riding

Couples on a Tahiti vacation can horseback ride along the beach and cool off in the crystal-clear water.

Courtesy of Tahiti Tourism.
Q: What is it people love about horseback riding?

A: The connection with nature and a creature that is physcially more powerful than ourselves. The ability to explore areas and see things not possible with a motor vehicle and establish a connection with history.

Q: What is the level of difficulty for beginners?  

A: Riding on dude strings and calm trail horses does not require a lot of skill. 

Q: Is there essential equipment for a beginner to buy or rent?  

A:I would recommend wearing a proper riding helmet and shoes or boots with a sturdy flat sole and a slight heel. 

Q: What should every first-timer know?

A: You will have sore muscles after your first ride. Riding uses some little-used muscles along the inside of the leg. You may also experience some chafing, depending on your clothes and the fit of the saddle. 

Q: What makes horseback riding a good sport for couples to enjoy together?

A: The shared experience. There is always something interesting to talk about when your ride/drive is over.  

Q: What separates the amateurs from the pros in horseback riding?

A: Amateurs are passengers. They can stop and steer and stay on. The tend to be reactive when the horse doesn't do as they want. Pros are able to control every move the horse makes. They are proactive as they anticpate what the horse will do and they know how to prevent problems. Pros are in harmony, mind and body, with the horse. 

Q: In your opinion, where's the best place to go for a horseback riding vacation?

There are riding establishments on every continent. Choose a riding style you like or an area of trails that appeals to you, and you will likely find a horseback riding stable to suit you. Choices are unlimited...from dressage or driving holidays, pub and wine tours, to trail rides and cattle round-ups. 

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