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On Location with 2014's Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition

Where Models and Crew Traveled for the 50th Anniversary Issue


The 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue celebrates 50 years of photographing the world's most beautiful models against earth's most scenic backdrops. This year everyone from 22 cover girl legends — including Heidi Klum, Christie Brinkley, and Tyra Banks — to an updated Barbie swimsuit doll got into the act along with Kate Upton and a dozen beauteous rookies.

Couples planning a honeymoon will find inspiration: They'll see what the year's hottest bikinis and bathing suits look like and also get ideas on where to go for their own sexy holiday. Below are the eight locations in 2014 where Sports Illustrated models donned small triangles of cloth to pose on beaches, against mountain ranges, even in space. And so could you!

1. Cook Islands

Cook Islands
Kirklandphotos/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Remote atolls in the South Pacific, the Cook Islands lie some 2,000 miles off the coast of New Zealand. They're known for vast white-sand beaches and true-blue waters where you can see clear through to the ocean floor. Accommodations at the resort — suites, bungalows, and villas — all have a private deck that faces a gorgeous lagoon.
The Resort: Pacific Resort Aitutaki

2. Switzerland

Montreux Shore
Swiss Tourism.

Switzerland's magnificent snow-capped mountain scenery got a shot of glamour when the Sports Illustrated models showed up at two locations. Fortunately the chilly peaks were distant backdrops. Models and crew alighted in Montreux-Vevey and Zermatt-Matterhorn, exposing their own natural peaks and valleys in front of castles, Lake Geneva's clear waters, and meadows dotted with edelweiss.
The Resorts: Hotel des Trois Couronnes and Grand Hotel Zermatterhof

3. G-Force One

Susan Breslow Sardone.

Last year Kate Upton braved the chill of Antarctica to snag the Sports Illustrated cover. Topping that this year, Kate and crew boarded  G-Force One, a modified 727 that takes passengers on a 90-minute flight that includes eleven intervals of weightlessness, each lasting 30 seconds. Kate, in a gold-lamé bikini, was truly gravity-defying.
For Reservations: G-Force-One

4. St. Lucia

St. Lucia
© Anse Chastanet Resort.

The land of twin peaks was an appropriate setting for the buxom beauties who wore nothing but a coat of paint in this location. Gorgeous sunsets added to the eye-dazzling shoot at the former Jalousie Plantation, now home to a Viceroy Hotel and vacation homes. Renovated to the tune of $100 million, each unit comes with a butler and private swimming pool.
The Resort: The Residences at Sugar Beach

5. Jersey Shore

Susan Breslow Sardone.

Banish all memory of the scuzzy guidos and the skanky girls from that inane reality show and replace it with a jaunt to the kinder, gentler part of the Jersey shore that lies 100 miles south of that show's location. Sports Illustrated models and crew headed to Cape May, known for its beach, boardwalk, retro vibe, and charming gingerbread architecture.
The Resort: Congress Hall

6. British Virgin Islands

Peter Island Resort.

Captains and sailors alike are drawn to the BVI, where boats are the preferred (and often the only) means of transportation. If you don't have your own, consider renting a crewed one and navigating around these lush islands, dropping anchor at will to swim in the clean Caribbean Sea or checking into an upscale family-run resort.
The Resort: Guana Island

7. Madagascar Travel

Located in the Indian Ocean 250 miles off the coast of South Africa, Madagascar is the world's fourth-largest island. Beach sand is so white it appears bleached, sea life and coral are abundant, and sky and water meet at the impossibly blue horizon. And if you love lemurs, you can make the acquaintance of many at nearby Nosy Kumba.
The Resorts: Royal Beach Hotel-Nosy-Be and Islands Express for Nosy Iranja

8. Brazil

They don't make the bikinis much smaller or the beaches more vast than in Brazil. This jaunt led to Lencois Maranhenses, a national park in northeastern Brazil known for its massive dunes that evoke desert sands... or the far side of the moon. 
The Resort: Gran Solare Lencois Resort

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