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Special Occasions for Couples to Celebrate


Many couples celebrate special occasions by taking a trip. Whether you have an upcoming wedding anniversary, birthday, marriage proposal, or other major life event on the calendar, you can find planning info here. This section also covers destination weddings and vow renewals.
  1. Anniversary Trips & Gifts
  2. Birthday Trips for Astrological Signs
  3. Destination Weddings
  4. Engagements/Proposals
  5. Eloping
  1. Seasons for Travel
  2. Valentine's Day
  3. Vow Renewals
  4. Great Gifts
  5. More Reasons to Celebrate

Anniversary Trips & Gifts

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Congratulations! You've made it through another year! Reward yourselves with a special wedding anniversary gift or trip (or both!). You earned it.

Birthday Trips for Astrological Signs

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Should you send an Aries to Alaska... or Asia? Would a water bearer be happier at a beach or beside a waterfall? Find out here where to take someone on a birthday trip that suits his or her sign.

Destination Weddings

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Destination weddings are on the rise. If you're considering having a wedding away from home, the following destination wedding information can help you plan the event and the travel experience.


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Many a romantic getaway is the prelude to a proposal of marriage, either planned well in advance or spontaneous. Find inspiration here to pop the question, and how to do it right.



Eloping is a fun and easy escape from the madness of wedding planning that can threaten to overtake your lives. Find out more here about the advantages of eloping and the best places to elope.

Seasons for Travel

Whatever time of year you can take off for a romantic getaway -- winter, spring, summer, or fall -- I'll lead you to the best ways to spend the season.

Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is the most important day of the year for lovers. Here you can find the many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day to cement your relationship and secure it for the months to come.

Vow Renewals

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Find out here what a vow renewal is and how you can make yours an affair to remember.

Great Gifts

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Beyond the gift of love, a thoughtful gift, beautifully presented, can do wonders to celebrate an occasion, soothe an aching heart, and simply say "I love you." These suggestions can help you locate a perfect gift for your significant other.

More Reasons to Celebrate

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National holidays, religious holidays, and other occasions can provide inspiration to travel. These are among the special times when you may want to arrange a trip.

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