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Romance at Home

Tips for Finding Romance Without Leaving Home


Barbara Michael Jonas

The Book of Love, Laughter & Romance by Michael and Barbara Jonas.

by Michael and Barbara Jonas

Romance needn’t be limited to honeymoons and romantic getaways. With a little effort, you can fill your home with romance whenever you the mood strikes you. Adding romance at home can be as simple as changing your routine, taking something you do all the time and doing it in a new way.

Eat dinner by the fireplace instead of the kitchen. Or linger over breakfast in bed. Drink from your best crystal instead of your everyday glasses. Sleep under the stars instead of in the bedroom. Take a shower… together.

Celebrate romance, but for no special occasion. Whatever you do at home, the change alone will be refreshing. One couple we interviewed for The Book of Love, Laughter & Romance told us:


  • The first impression we got from our trip to Hawaii was the scent of flowers --- pungent and very sexy, especially the leis around our necks. We’re home now, but we’ve brought with us the magic of the Islands --- fresh flowers in the bedroom are like an aphrodisiac.


Heat Up Your Home

Take a look around. There are many ways to heat things up and fill your home with romance. Play soft music during dinner, add flowers to the dining room table and candles everywhere. Turn your bedroom into an intimate hideaway. (This doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. Sometimes just tidying up makes a difference.) Try a new bedspread or fresh thick towels for the bath. Install a dimmer switch to create seductive lighting.


Follow a Five-Step Plan for a Perfect Night of Passion

With a little planning you can have one of those Big Nights right at home. Set aside an evening for just the two of you, and follow these simple steps:

1. Remove the distractions. If you have young children, arrange for a family member or close friend to take care of them for the night. And turn off the TV – it's the number one destroyer of romance.

2. Issue an Invitation. "Invite" your partner to spend a private evening with you – a note on attractive paper is just right for that invitation. Be a little mysterious. For example, “Would you please set aside Saturday night for me… I have something in mind for us.” Make sure the invitation says where to meet you (the bedroom) and what time.

3. Set the stage. Prepare or purchase your favorite foods and drinks, and arrange them in the bedroom. Put on soft music and light some candles. To add to the mystery, suggest that your partner get dressed in another room.

4. Plan an Ice Breaker. When your partner shows up, you’ll want a way to get you both in the mood. For some couples it’s an invitation to dance (very slowly), for other couples it’s a romantic board game or a sexy movie. You know what your partner enjoys, so go ahead and indulge.

5. Extend the magic. Provide a “thank you” note at breakfast. There’s nothing more romantic than your partner knowing how appreciated he or she is.


A Romantic Example

Here’s another story from The Book of Love, Laughter & Romance. It shows that with a bit of imagination and some effort, wonderful things can be created at home:


  • We live in Alaska, where the winters are long and cold. After months of snow, ice and dark afternoons, we needed something to change the mood. Actually, what we needed was a beach – but without the time or money to go to Jamaica or Hawaii, romance in the tropics was out of our reach. Or was it?

    We pushed the dining room furniture over to one wall, spread two beach towels on the floor, and plugged in a sun lamp. I set out rum and Cokes, fruit, cheese and crackers, and put on a reggae tape. We both changed into our bathing suits and snacked, talked, and danced under the sun lamp…and yes, it turned into a fantasy romantic evening at home.

For many couples, it’s not just the experience of an evening of romance that makes such a difference, although it certainly helps. But rather it’s the thought and effort that went into making your partner feel special and appreciated that will truly linger long past your date at home.

About the Authors

Barbara and Michael Jonas, married for 40 years, were named one of “America’s Most Romantic Couples” by People magazine. They’re the authors of The Book of Love, Laughter & Romance, and the creators the romantic board games, An Enchanting Evening ®, Romantic Sensations® and Fan the Flames®. Their web site, Time for Two features romantic games, gifts, and getaways for couples.

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