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Terranea Resort in a Nutshell
Terranea Resort

Terranea on Palos Verdes Peninsula.

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Just minutes from the glitter and cool of Los Angeles, Terranea Resort is a first-class romantic getaway on the southern tip of Palos Verdes peninsula with a stunning 270-degree ocean vista. The spa, restaurants and variety of accommodations are conducive to relaxation and recreation.

Terranea literally turns its back on civilization, embracing its natural surroundings and optimizing its greatest assets: the sea and the warm weather. Though a 360-room luxury hotel lies within its lush one hundred acres, only the gentle chatter of birds competes with the surf to attract your attention.

Cleverly designed villas, bungalows, and casitas are dotted throughout the grounds, along with lots of decks and cozy places to sit. Gently winding walkways and undulating levels make strolling to the spa, the cliff-side bar, or a hike down to the small beach a pleasure.

During the day, watch dolphins cavort in the Pacific. At night, see the stars. You might spot a few Hollywood stars as well, although the staff is so discreet that they will neither confirm nor deny.

That was fine with us: we were looking for a place to be quietly pampered, which began promptly upon arrival when Terranea staff handed us flutes of champagne while we were checking in. This welcoming touch was the first of many unexpected details that made this romantic getaway stand out among the many we have visited.

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