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Travel Type Quiz

Find Out What Your Travel Type Is


Travel Type Quiz

Compare your travel types.

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Quiz by Susan Breslow Sardone

This travel quiz is designed to help you determine the type of traveler you are. By answering the 10 questions that comprise the quiz, you'll get a better idea of the type of places you are likely to be happiest choosing as a travel destination for a honeymoon or romantic getaway.

To take the quiz, number a sheet of paper 1-10 and put the letter of your answer next to each number. If none of the answers in the quiz suits you exactly, choose the one that is closest.

#1 Travel Quiz Question:
How would you most like to spend a free afternoon?

    A. Hiking or biking on a nature trail
    B. Shopping for bargains
    C. Strolling a garden in bloom
    D. Attending a free concert or museum
#2 Travel Quiz Question:
The drinks are on the house! Which type would you prefer?
    A. House-specialty martini
    B. Chateau d'Yquem sauterne
    C. Champagne
    D. Beer
#3 Travel Quiz Question:
Which dream getaway appeals to you most?
    A. Camping in the mountains under the stars
    B. Deluxe suite at a 5-star resort
    C. Hotel room with a fireplace and a big bathtub
    D. Caribbean cruise
#4 Travel Quiz Question:
Which male celebrity would you like to spend a day with?
    A. Richard Branson
    B. George Clooney
    C. Hugh Jackman
    D. Will Smith
#5 Travel Quiz Question:
What scent appeals most to you?
    A. Bonfire/thunderstorm
    B. Sizzling steak
    C. Rose garden
    D. Clean laundry
#6 Travel Quiz Question:
Name your favorite season:
    A. Spring
    B. Winter
    C. Fall
    D. Summer
#7 Travel Quiz Question:
Which would you rather have underfoot?
    A. Grass
    B. Mosaic floor
    C. Carpet
    D. Sand
#8 Travel Quiz Question:
Whose music are you most likely to listen to?
    A. U2
    B. Puccini
    C. Andrea Bocelli
    D. Alicia Keys
#9 Travel Quiz Question:
Pick the flowers you like best:
    A. Wildflowers
    B. Dendrobium orchids
    C. Long-stemmed roses
    D. Tulips
#10 Travel Quiz Question:
Which would you most likely choose in a restaurant?
    A. Sushi
    B. Risotto with truffles
    C. Oysters on the half shell
    D. Cheeseburger

Add up how many As, Bs, Cs, and Ds you answered.

If you got mostly As, find your travel type here.
If you got mostly Bs, find your travel type here.
If you got mostly Cs, find your travel type here.
If you got mostly Ds, find your travel type here.

If you added up an equal number for two different letters, read the answers for both and see which is more like you.

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