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What is a Bidet?


Question: What is a Bidet?
A bidet is a bathroom fixture that is a cleansing unit for the lower body. Travelers who stay in certain European and upscale hotels elsewhere may find a bidet located adjacent to the toilet.

The first time you encounter a bidet, you may not know what it is or how to use it. However, a bidet can be very useful in achieving cleanliness in your nether regions.

Answer: Bidet Use
A bidet should be used after one uses the toilet. If one forgoes a shower, it should also be used before and after intercourse. To properly use a bidet:
    1. First locate soap and place it within arm's reach.
    2. Locate a towel for drying and only use it with the bidet.
    3. Turn on the water supply of the bidet to adjust it to a temperature that will be comfortable when sprayed on delicate tissues.
    4. Straddling the bidet, lower your body over the water coming from the spout of the bidet.
    5. Cleanse your anal and genital regions.
    6. Turn off the water.
    7. Pat the areas dry.
    8. Separate bidet soap and towel from similar items.
    8. Wash your hands in the sink.
Bidet Mis-Use
Do not use the bidet for the following:
  • A bidet is not an additional toilet.
  • A bidet is not a cooler, nor a place to store ice.
  • A bidet is not comfortable for soaking your feet, although it can be used for washing them.
  • A bidet should not be used as a sink to wash clothing.
Should you encounter a bidet that is less than clean, do not use it and inform the management.
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