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Sex Positions - Intercourse Positions - Best Sex Positions for Couples

Get info and pictures of the best sexual intercourse positions for couples and women.

Amazing Sex Position Profiles

For couples who want or need detailed explanations for a variety of sex positions.

Oral Sex Positions

About’s Guide to Sexuality offers advice to both members of a couple on the best positions for cunnilingus and fellatio, whether used as a substitute or prelude to intercourse.

The Best Sex Positions for Couples Ever

Women’s Health magazine features “Assume a New Position,” a fun, interactive guide that couples can use together.

Cosmopolitan’s Sex Positions for Couples

Everything from easy to advanced intercourse positions — along with ones best in water and the Kama Sutra iPhone app — is covered in this recommended feature from Cosmopolitan magazine.

iVillage’s Perfect Positions Selector

This useful tool helps couples choose the best positions for them based on energy level, penis size, flexibility, and relative heights of the man and woman.
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