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The Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland


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The Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland
The Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland

Gleneagles consistently ranks among the world's top hotels.

It looms on the horizon like Brigadoon, but instead of only appearing for one day every 100 years—it’s real. Gleneagles, set on 850 acres of impeccably manicured grounds, renowned as one of the world’s preeminent golfing destination, was opened in 1924. Resembling a French chateau, the architecture suggests a bit of Downton Abbey as well.

"Slow travel" is the order of the day, harkening back to the days trains pulled up to the grounds (they still do) to admit a well-heeled clientele into this truly magical place, which is a member of the prestigious Connoisseurs Scotland hotels -- best in the country. Couples can also jet into Glasgow or Edinburgh, just an hour’s drive away.

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