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Connoisseurs Scotland Luxury Hotels

A collection of the finest (and most romantic) hotels in Scotland


Some twenty years ago, a clever group of Scottish hoteliers got together and had an idea: Instead of competing, why don’t we band together to offer travelers the best experience they can have in our country?

Representing small inns and large hotels, ones world-renowned for golf and others that deserve equal fame for their spa, Michelin-starred cuisine, award-winning whiskey bar or combination of those pleasures, Connoisseurs Scotland was launched.

Today Connoisseurs Scotland consists of 30 one-of-a-kind hotels that span the country, from the rugged West Highlands and Isle of Skye to the velvety east coast where the game of golf was born, and down to Edinburgh and the North Channel.

Magnificent hotels aren’t Connoisseurs Scotland’s only members. The group also consists of a the exclusive Hebridean Princess , which cruises the coasts of Scotland, the Western and Northern Isles, and Ireland; the extraordinary vintage Royal Scotsman train, limited to 36 privileged passengers; and Little’s Chauffeur Drive limousine company, which provides liveried chauffeurs who can take couples from the airport to the furthest reaches of the country in the comfort of luxurious, late-model vehicles.

Romantic, serene, and charmingly Scottish, each of the hotels has a distinct personality. Take a virtual visit to some favorites to understand the unique charms of Connoisseurs Scotland.

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Arrive in EdinburghSheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, EdinburghOne Spa at Sheraton Grand Hotel The Scotsman Hotel
What is Haggis?View from Pool HouseTea Time at Pool HouseSleeping at Pool House
Visit Inverlochy CastleInverlochy Castle Breakfast Queen's Bedroom Suite at Inverlochy CastleWhisky Sommelier at Inverlochy Castle
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