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Sunrise Springs Resort Spa in Santa Fe


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What to Expect at Sunrise Springs Resort Spa
Sunrise Springs Resort Spa in Santa Fe
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Santa Fe is a heady cultural mix of Wild West, Native American, Old Mexico, and New Age. This lovely eco-resort, privately owned by an artist, tilts toward the New Age aesthetic and outlook.

Sunrise Springs is the go-to Santa Fe choice of honeymoon and romantic getaway couples who strive to incorporate the holistic, handmade, natural and serene into their daily lives.

Sunrise Springs’ mood is palpably Western, and its history is rich. The property’s original incarnation dates to the 1600s, when it was a way station for travelers on horseback and wagon train on El Camino Real, the pathway through New Spain (today’s Mexico) to Santa Fe.

Sunrise Springs feels remote but is set about 15 minutes by car from the center of Santa Fe. The resort’s rambling, 70-acre hillside property is distinguished by pretty gardens, enormous cottonwood and willow trees and two spring-fed natural ponds.

Landscaped walking paths, rustic hiking trails, secluded “healing gardens” and private little conversational nooks dot the grounds.

The resort’s 58 accommodations range from small rooms in the spa building to spacious private casitas down a winding road. Dining at the in-house Blue Heron restaurant is top-notch. Sunrise Springs activities center around treatments at Spa Samadhi and classes at Sages Art Center.

If you are intrigued by a low-key, uncommercial-feeling place that provides yoga mats for guests, you will be enchanted by a romantic getaway to Sunrise Springs.

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