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Encantado Resort in Santa Fe

By Candace Walsh

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Things to Do at Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe
Encantado Resort in Santa Fe

Post-locker room, pre-treatment.

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On-site facilities include an art gallery, pool, outdoor hot tub, spa, gym and yoga studio, and a spa boutique.

Many hotel spas seem shoe-horned into hotel properties. Not so the Spa at Encantado, which is so expansive that you might forget that anything else exists outside of its walls. It’s a place for your mind to rest while your body and spirit are thoroughly nurtured.

If you select a couples spa treatment, you’ll first prepare by having a shower in the beautifully outfitted locker room, which is stocked with many different toiletry items.

Robe-wrapped, you’ll meet your companion in the inner courtyard and be escorted by treatment therapists to a private spa suite, surrounded by a privacy coyote fence.

There, they will leave you to disrobe and soak in an outdoor hot tub and partake of the sauna. A bell rings, giving you time to re-robe and adjourn to the treatment room.

The two-hour long Sacred Moments couples spa treatment features simultaneous full-body massages followed by a vital energy point sequence (a combination of acupressure with aromatherapy).

The spa offers three other couples’ treatments:

  • Prelude to a Kiss includes mutual face-painting and exfoliation with adobe mud and crushed corn, clay and oats. You then bake dry in the sun and rinse off in the outside “rainshower,” before receiving simultaneous essential oil massages.
  • The Art of Surrender is simpler in comparison: a soak/steam/sauna and head to toe massage.
  • Mountain Spirit Initiation is inspired by the region’s connection to Native American culture. It includes a sage smudging, a scalp and foot massage and a hot stone juniper-sage massage.

What’s Nearby the Resort

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