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San Antonio Highlights

Discover the City's Best Highlights Before You Go


It's no wonder San Antonio is the most-visited city in Texas. First of all, a river runs through it, creating scenic spots for couples to stroll, dine, and pause for a kiss. San Antonio is also a gateway to Latin America; here you can savor Mexican cuisine and shop for handmade imports at low prices. Appreciate culture? See the largest collection of Latin American folk art at one museum; visit a Smithsonian satellite at another. And for history lovers, there's the Mission Trail, including both the Alamo and hauntingly beautiful Mission Concepcion.

Highlights: San Antonio's Best Attractions

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Explore the River Walk and its don't-miss highlights including Selena's Bridge, Marriage Island, and historic La Villita square. But don't restrict yourselves to that area. I'll point you to Market Square, where you'll want to shop; the Pearl Complex, San Antonio's foodie mecca; the historic King William neighborhood; and where to rub shoulders with local artists.


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Highlights: San Antonio's Best Restaurants

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Whether you want to start your day with tacos or pancakes, savor dinner at a Tex-Mex joint or spring for more sophisticated fare, I can direct you to the best eateries in town and highlight the top menu choices (plus dessert, of course).


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Highlights: San Antonio's Best Romantic Hotels

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Over the course of a week in San Antonio, I had the opportunity to check out the city's best hotels for couples. If you want to stay on the River Walk, I've got suggestions. Want something intimate and romantic? I'll lead you there. And if you want to explore the Texas Hill Country, which begins just about 20 miles outside of town, I know the area's best resorts as well.


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