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Safe Travel

Safe travel is essential when you leave home, since many new situations arise and how you deal with them can have a huge impact on your entire trip. To ensure your journeys go as smoothly as possible, look into these safe ways to travel and avoid trouble.

Consular Information Sheets
Reading a Consular Information Sheet before you go can keep you out of harm's way.

Carry a Safe Travel Tote Bag
Find my top choices for a safe travel tote bag to accompany you on your journeys.

How to Avoid Getting Pregnant on Your Honeymoon
Birth control can help you to avoid unwanted consequences.

How to Check Your Hotel Mattress for Bed Bugs
Don't sleep in a hotel with bed bugs! Find out here how to check a mattress for these infernal insects who can cause an uncomfortable rash.

Emergency Supplies for Road Trips
If you're serious about safe travel, follow this advice.

European Train Safety
Riding the rails calls for alertness to stay safe.

First-Aid Kits for Adventure Travelers
Adventure medical kits co-designed with emergency and outdoor travel experts.

Foreign Taxi Safety Tips
Taxis in foreign countries don't always operate the same way as they do at home. Check out these tips for safe cabbing.

How to Hide Money While Traveling
When you travel and find yourselves in a crowd, there may be pickpockets around. Find out how to stymie them.

Roller Coaster Safety
According to studies, being hit with a pillow can cause worse impact than a roller coaster.

Safest Caribbean Islands
Crime takes place all over the world, but you can hedge your bets by choosing one of the more safe Caribbean islands to travel to when you plan a tropical holiday.

Stay Safe in the Water When You Travel
Follow these tips from the Red Cross and the U.S. Lifesaving Association on ocean and beach safety.

Surviving Wild Animal Encounters
If you’re hiking in the woods, on mountainsides or in the desert and you see wildlife always keep in mind that they are original inhabitants, not you!

Travel Scams Slammed
Actions against fraudulent travel providers and agencies.

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