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Romantic Fun at Night

9 Ways for Couples to Celebrate After Dark


Whether you're on your honeymoon, a romantic holiday, a weekend getaway, or just want to make a night of it in your own town, going out after dark and doing something out of the ordinary makes an evening more romantic. Even a couple of hours at a bowling alley, a concert, or a trendy bar can bring you closer. But you already knew that. Find inspiration below for other activities to do together when day is done.

1. Take a Midnight Stroll

Lucky you! You decided to vacation at a beach resort. The weather's balmy and the skies are clear. When the moon is high, go barefoot on the sand. It will seem as if the stars put on a show just for the two of you. It's a magical time, when the rest of the world is asleep and all is quiet... a perfect setting to share your hopes and dreams.

2. Schedule a Sunset (or Later) Massage

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Hotel and destination spas keep later hours than day spas. And you're busy during the day. So why not arrange for a totally relaxing couples massage outdoors late in the day? At the outdoor treatment areas at Arizona's childfree Mii Amo spa, couples can relax, connect, and be spellbound by Sedona’s nighttime starlit skies. Several massages can be performed outdoors underneath the moonlight, including Swedish and deep-tissue. Some spas at resorts also offer evening appointments that include a candelight dinner with champagne; imagine how relaxed you'll feel when you embark on your next activity after that....

3. Cruise Under the Stars

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Sunset is the most beautiful time of the day and midnight the most romantic on a cruise. Surrounded by water rather than illuminated buildings, a cruise ship at night enables you to see the stars and planets in stark relief against the inky sky. And you need not commit to a weeklong journey: In cities by the water, such as New York and Paris and Amsterdam, boats go out for the evening, provide dinner, and allow couples plenty of time to stargaze before returning to port.

4. Try Your Luck

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You don't have to travel all the way to Monte Carlo to play in a casino. From Atlantic City to Las Vegas, Florida to Montreal and in many more locations, you can have a great night of fun -- and maybe even walk away a casino winner (what's more romantic than that?) If you need a refresher on the rules of the game, visit About.com's Guide to Casino Gambling. Many casino hotel room TVs also feature programs that teach viewers how to play.

5. See a Show

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There's nothing quite as exciting as live entertainment. Whether your tastes run to Cirque de Soleil's gravity-defying acrobatics in Las Vegas (buy online), Broadway musicals (buy online), sexy performances featuring long-legged showgirls and lots of feathers in France (buy online), festival gatherings, Spiegeltent performances around the world, drag or off-the-beaten-track shows, you'll have the thrill of seeing talent up close and perhaps discovering soon-to-be superstars.

6. Hit the Clubs

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Do your at-home evenings lean toward TV and then bed? Perhaps you don't live in a place known for its nightlife or your jobs and responsibilities and budget keep you from painting the town red. One of the best things about a vacation or honeymoon is that it totally changes your schedule. You sleep later and go to bed later... kind of like entertainers. At dance clubs, night clubs, karaoke clubs, or comedy clubs, the fun awaits you everywhere from Los Angeles to Miami Beach.

7. Attend a Reading

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Book and poetry readings are among the least expensive ways to spend a night out. If the destination you're visiting has a bookstore, find out when they host visiting authors. While you aren't obligated to buy a book if you attend, it's considered good form -- and you'll get an autographed copy to add to your home library. Many leading cities, from Paris to Frankfurt, Brooklyn to Miami host book fairs that are heaven for readers who can discover hot new writers and titles. Cities with colleges and universities, from Boston to Berkeley, are destinations where expression flourishes. Some even host book fairs and poetry festivals. A call to an English department can yield inside information on the next big gathering.

8. Take a Tango Lesson

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You needn't honeymoon in Buenos Aires to let the moves and the music of the tango seduce you (not that it's a bad idea!). Clubs and classes are available in Montreal as well as many other sophisticated places, including London and New York. There's even an annual tango festival in the Canadian city. And even if you never become adept enough to headline on Dancing With the Stars, you'll have a fun, romantic night and get a sexy workout.

9. Go to Late Night at a Museum

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Culture-loving couples already know that some museums offer night hours on a regular basis; others make an annual event of it. Either way, it's a wonderful way to spend an evening, particularly when the museum enhances the experience with music and refreshments. New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, for instance, stays open till 9 pm on Friday and Saturday nights, and it's a festive atmosphere.

Locations with Regular Night Museum Hours

Locations with Annual Night Museum Hours Also see: Long Night of Museums
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