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Ocean House in Rhode Island


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Dining at Ocean House's Seasons Restaurant
Ocean House in Rhode Island

Come for the view; stay for the food.

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Seasons, the hotel restaurant, prides itself on serving farm-to-table, locally sourced foods. It also maintains its own vegetable and herb gardens. Each night the menu changes slightly and once a month it's adjusted to the changing season.

On the night we visited, standouts included fresh beet salad, lobster poached in butter, and risotto flavored with briny sea urchin.

Couples can't help but savor a romantic meal here; tables are covered in thick linen, crystal tableware glistens, and since the room offers views on three sides, there isn't a bad seat in the house.

And you'll want to return for breakfast: A scrumptious lobster omelette and peach pancakes with peach maple syrup are two tempting menu items.

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