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Pictures of Hyatt Dorado Beach Resort in Puerto Rico


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Guest Room at Hyatt Dorado Beach Resort
Pictures of Hyatt Dorado Beach Resort in Puerto Rico
(c) Hyatt Dorado Beach Resort

Conceived by multi-millionaire Laurance Rockefeller, Hyatt Dorado Beach Resort opened in 1958 with a focus on quality and a respect for the natural setting. No building on the grounds stands taller than the highest coconut tree.

Structures were built for maximum views and cross ventilation, and 85 percent of guest quarters open up onto the beach. The 262 rooms, available with king-size or double beds, are air-conditioned and feature tropical wood furniture and cool terracotta tile floors.

Spacious bathrooms feature good lighting and a make-up mirror. Every room has a minibar, cable TV, in-room safe, telephone, dataport, and bathrobes.

Note: This resort closed for several years and was remade into the Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Dorado Beach.

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