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Cove Haven Resort


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Dining at Cove Haven
We found the restaurant to be the biggest disappointment at Cove Haven. The dining experience is thoroughly unrefined. Neither meat nor fish nor produce taste fresh or are of high quality. The menu is simple – and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, the execution ranges from gloppy and flavorless to salty and greasy.

Basics — dinner rolls, butter and coffee — are bottom-shelf. We found ourselves wondering whether it was actually butter in our ramekin, or some whipped derivative colored with yellow dye #5. Service is harsh, impersonal, and slow.

Two meals – breakfast and supper – are included with the all-inclusive prices. Breakfast is available from around 8am till 11am and the evening meal is offered 6pm – 8pm. After the restaurant closes, the property offers no other dining options till the next mealtime.

During the day, there is a café where guests can purchase snack foods. The café is the only place on the property that offers Internet access, and wi-fi is free.

The bar is huge and open during meal times. The variety of liquors is fairly generic. Jack Daniels is the best bourbon available, and Skyy is the best vodka. The wine list is affordable but spare. These details might not be an issue for some, but if you’re coming from any of the nearby cities, the bar will likely disappoint.

The highlight of the dining experience is dessert. Each night Cove Haven offers a different dessert buffet with loads of yummy sweets. An ice cream sundae buffet, for example, has sprinkles, nuts, chocolate sauces, and other toppings that guests can apply to their own liking. The “chocolate dream” buffet has a chocolate fountain and items for dipping.

Cove Haven also promotes dining events with suggestive titles. (Tip: They’re basically just dinner.) Fat Paulie’s Festa Italiano occurs on Friday. Saturday is “Strip Night," which is all about steak, not removing one’s clothes. “Black Lace” is nothing more than steak sauce in a purple bottle, and “Tickle Soda” is generic cola. Guests may purchase the last two branded items to take home.

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