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The Penis

When men and women ought to know about the penis, including penis size and penis health.
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Premature Ejaculation
An article that defines the problem of premature ejaculation and looks at common cures for it.
Circumcision of the Penis
Well-balanced article from Askmen.com on circumcision of the penis, i.e. surgical removal of the foreskin.
Penis Anatomy
The parts, illustrated. Page has a strong anti-circumcision bias.
Penis Enlargement Methods
About's Men's Health Guide on increasing penis size.
Penis Enlargement Pills: What's In Them?
About's Herbs for Health Guide looks at the typical ingredients of penis enlargement pills.
Penis Size: How Big is Normal?
From About's Men's Health Guide.
Penis Size: Can it Be Enlarged?
Find the answer here.
Penis Size Chart
Designed to help men measure up.
Penis Size: Does It Matter?
Find an answer at AskMen.com.
The Penis Web Site
Information on penis size, shape, circumcision, enlargement, and more. Note: Contains many color photographs. Some viewers may find the way this material is presented, its language, and links offensive.
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