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Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg Pennsylvania


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Visit Gettysburg's Farnsworth House Inn
Farnsworth House Inn Exterior
(c) Susan Breslow Sardone.
Built in 1810, Gettysburg's Farnsworth House Inn at 401 Baltimore Street in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, has been called "one of the most haunted inns in America" by the Travel Channel. According to the staff, many spirits dwell in the house. But that needn't keep the two of you from enjoying a stay at this Victorian Bed & Breakfast. Once you learn a bit of its history, you may truly appreciate this unique getaway.

Those who don't scare easily ought to visit the basement of Farnsworth House Inn, which contains a reconstructed Victorian funeral parlor with nineteenth-century mourning memorabilia. During an hourlong presentation, story tellers in period costume recount the stories of real characters who lived and died in Gettysburg — and the restless spirits they may have left behind.

During the Civil War, Farnsworth House Inn was taken over by Confederate soldiers. One shot Jennie Wade, the only civilian to die during the three-day battle of Gettysburg. The hundred-plus bullet holes on Farnsworth House Inn's south side wall attest to the fighting during the bloodiest battle of the Civil War.

The inn was renamed Farnsworth House in tribute to Union Army Brigadier General Elon John Farnsworth. Over the years Farnsworth House Inn has expanded, yet many of its original walls, floors, and rafters remain intact.

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