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Top 9 Bridal Sandals & Honeymoon Flip Flops


Having a honeymoon or destination wedding at a beach resort? You'll need to wear pretty bridal sandals or shoes that work in your location.

While solid runners may lead the way to the altar, once you step off in sandals or flip-flops, you will be on a soft and uneven surface — and falling down won't make a pretty picture.

Choose from these pretty and popular sandals, flip-flops, and thongs for the casual bride that will also look sexy, feel comfortable, and be wearable after the wedding.

1. Sparkling Ivory Bridal Sandals

Bling is the thing in these sparkly sandals by Nina Keegan. Gently molded to the foot, they're designed to stay on, look good, and offer cushioned support to keep you comfortable.

2. Satiny White Bridal Sandals

Asymmetrical design, adjustability, a touch of bling, and footbed cushioning can make a walk down the longest aisle in these sandals both comfortable and elegant.

3. Gladiator Sandals by Stuart Weitzman

Bold and brave, this gladiator-style sandal for a bride in white nappa leather features silver studs. Elastic straps enable them to mold to your foot.

4. Lilly Pulitzer Bridal Flip-Flop Sandal

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Palm Beach elegance is designed into this white patent leather flip-flop sandal. A golden ring, which resembles a classic wedding ring, secures the leather sides and toe separator of this flat sandal. Note: This style may not be available in all sizes.

5. Bling-y Flip-Flop Bridal Sandals

Just because you're going casual for your wedding doesn't mean you need to give up sparkle. These cushiony flip-flops have rows of crystals and a big, heart-shaped rhinestone brooch right above the toe thong.

6. "For Keeps" Braided Bridal Sandal

This easy-to-wear bridal sandal slips on comfortably. Braided toe ring and straps are backed by silver.

7. Native American-Inspired White Sandals

Signs of the sun and whip-stitching give these sandals a distinctive look that would be at home on the beach or at a western-themed wedding.

8. Wedding White Havaianas Sandals

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Slim and easy to wear -- and cast off at a beach destination wedding -- Havaianas sandals are ideal for the bride (and her wedding party) who can't wait to dig their toes into the sand. They're also so affordable that you can pick up pairs for your wedding party.

9. Bridal White Flip-Flops

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While only the most informal bride would wear these white flip-flops down the aisle (or consider them sexy), they are perfect for wedding day prep. The bride, her mom, and her girl friends can all wear them to the pool, salon and spa.
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