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Heathman Hotel Portland


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Visiting the Heathman Hotel Portland
Heathman Hotel Portland

In England, Beefeaters guard the Tower of London and Crown Jewels. In Portland, they do the same for Heathman Hotel guests.

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Portland's Heathman Hotel gets everything right when it comes to hospitality. First opened in 1927, this Heathman Hotel (there's a sister property in Seattle) has had plenty of time to develop a personality, and it's evolved as a most welcoming one.

A member of the Historic Hotels of America and on the National Register of Historic Places, this Art-Deco grande dame has kept up with the times and delights visitors by providing not just top-rate service (yes, that's a doorman dressed as a Beefeater who greets arrivals) but many thoughtful amenities and unique features.

Glamorous touches, including a huge Bohemian crystal chandelier that illuminates the tea court, Andy Warhol endangered species lithographs on every floor, and a lobby mural that evokes elaborate design of a silk kimono create for the Heathman Hotel a unique sense of place.

Literary-minded guests will appreciate the hotel's airy library in the mezzanine. It houses an impressive collection of books autographed by their authors, who were guests here. Among them: Tom Wolfe, Wally Lamb, Garrison Keillor, and Alice Walker.

Chocolate-lovers will find Cacao, an artisanal chocolate shop on the street level, a must-visit. And afternoon tea served in the lounge seven days a week provides sustenance till dinner. Later in the day, live music fills the lounge and lobby till 11pm.

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