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Top 8 Promise Ring Choices


Pick a promise ring to bestow on your love, and it says you're ready to take the next (small) step in your relationship. This selection will help you to seal a vow... without getting too serious. Some couples agree that a promise ring will symbolize their pre-engagement. In reality, though, these rings can be interpreted in many different ways.

What Does a Promise Ring Mean?

1. Affordable Diamond Promise Ring

© Heavenly Treasures.
Three precious, tiny diamonds sit on the front of the double-hearts, 14k gold band of this ring, making the wearer an enduring promise of love and life together.

2. Double Heart Promise Ring with Gemstones

© Heavenly Treasures.
A lovely promise ring for you and your baby, this ring is customized to feature the birthstones of the two of you. Not only that, the stones are heart-shaped and have tiny diamond accents between them. What could be more romantic?

3. 4-Carat Garnet-and-Gold Promise Ring

© Heavenly Treasures.
What's more romantic than a big red heart on a promise ring? This one features a single garnet that's --wow!-- over four carats to proclaim your love.

4. "You and No Other" Promise Ring

© Heavenly Treasures.
Those are the words beautifully engraved in French (the most romantic of all languages!) on this band-style promise ring. It's very affordable in sterling silver and lovely in 14-karat gold.

5. Romantic Gold and Diamond Promise Ring

© Heavenly Treasures.
The interwoven band of this ring symbolizes your endless connection, and the diamond cluster at its center speaks of how precious she is to you.

6. Diamond Clover Promise Ring

© Heavenly Treasures.
Make a wish on a clover, and seal it with a promise ring. This white gold one has a delicate flower at the center, its petals accentuated by tiny diamonds.

7. Amethyst Promise Ring with Diamonds

© Heavenly Treasures.
Whether she loves yellow gold or white gold, she's sure to love this solid amethyst heart outlined in diamonds. Every time she looks at it, she'll be reminded of the promise you two made.

8. Four Heart Promise Ring

© Heavenly Treasures.
Four hearts combine to form a clover shape in this promise ring, a fine symbol for those who consider themselves lucky in love -- or hope to be. Each heart contains a tiny one-point diamond, no more than a chip really, but in the right light this promise ring will sparkly brightly. A pendant of the same design is available to match the ring.
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