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Honeymoon A-Z Packing List

What You Need to Bring


The most organized people create a list before they start packing.
Honeymoon A-Z Packing List

Ideally you pack light and fit everything into your carry-ons. But that may not be realistic....

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Plan to take everything you need — but carry as little as you can. If that sounds like a contradiction, it's not. By deciding ahead of time what's essential to bring, you won't end up lugging outfits that you won't need.

The way I start my travels is by breaking down the trip day by day ahead of time. I draw a table that lists what I'm going to wear on the plane to what (if anything) I plan to sleep in and wear each day that I'm away.

Refer to my Vacation Packing List to remind you of every possible item you might need for a super honeymoon.

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