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Online Sex Shops Where You Can Discreetly Buy Sex Toys

Vendors who sell sex toys, vibrators, and other sexual paraphernalia online.

Azure Blue

An online catalog of sex toys, adult aids, dildos, penis pumps, and more.


Clips, clamps, canes, crops, and more sex toys.

Condom Country

A smorgasbord of sizes, colors, flavors, and novelties.


Chicago-area retail store offers its erotic vibrators, dildos, anal sex toys, oils, lotions, lubes, and more online.

Eve's Garden

Voluptuous vibrators and sensual sex toys made expressly for women.

Good Vibrations

Quality vibrators, silicone sex toys, and other erotic devices. Also features an antique vibrator museum.

Gold Holes

Elegant body jewelry to decorate the sex parts.

Kama Sutra

Oils, creams, potions, and other delights for lovers.

Charlotte's Vibrator

"Sex and the City" fans will recognize the Rabbit Pearl vibrator that kept demure Charlotte home at nights.

Love Toys

An online sex shop for adults.

Luv Seat

A chair that makes it easier to experiment with different sex positions.

Sex Toy

Vibrators for women, sex toys for men. Includes large selection of edible undies for both sexes.

A Woman's Touch

Quality sex toys, oils and lotions, erotic books, videos, and romantic gifts.


A virtual department store of sex toys.
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