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Top 9 Places to Shop for Lingerie Online


Whether you want to buy lingerie for yourself or as a gift, when you shop online you can find a wide selection of pretty bras, underwear, camisoles, garter belts, and other intimates at lingerie designers' sites and specialty clothing stores. The following online shops feature the best brands of bridal and honeymoon lingerie.

1. Nordstrom Lingerie Shop

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Nordstrom maintains one of those well-stocked lingerie shops that enables shoppers to search by mood, brand, price, and more. And there's a special bridal section. Whether you're looking for longerie on sale or a little something in satin and lace, check out this top-quality location.

2. Bare Necessities Online Lingerie Shop

Bare Necessities features the kind of bridal undergarments and sleepwear that a modern girl wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in if she suddenly had to flee her honeymoon suite (except, perhaps for the pink mesh thong with the word "bride" emblazoned across the front). Lingerie brands for her to buy include Aubade, Betsey Johnson, Hanky Panky, Jezebel, and Spanx.

3. Josie Natori Lingerie Collection Online

Josie Natori designs classy-looking and comparatively modest bras, underpants, robes, pajamas, and sleeping gowns. Lace, embroidery, appliqués, vibrant colors, and subtle patterns make her lingerie collections distinctive and fun to wear and shop for.

4. Fig Leaves Online Lingerie Shop

An online lingerie department store, Fig Leaves is a good place to shop for and buy better brands of bras, panties, and lingerie. These include DKNY, Hanro, Elle Macpherson Intimates, Goddess, Versace, and items from the enticingly named Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers company. Size and color ranges are extensive. Fig Leaves also stocks full-figure lingerie.

5. La Perla Lingerie Collection Online

The gold standard in lingerie, La Perla lingerie covers the curves of some of the world's sexiest women.

6. Agent Provocateur Online Lingerie Shop

Another French import, Agent Provocateur ups the sexiness ante in its lingerie without sacrificing quality. Brides may appreciate the Love Classic set. Buyers choose from a full or demi-cup bra, boycut or thong underpants, and garter belt in stretch-fabric Chantilly lace. More experienced lingerie wearers will find Agent Provocateur's themed outfits fun and sexy.

7. Frederick's of Hollywood

A Hollywood landmark built on polyester and feathers, Frederick's of Hollywood has sold sexy, over-the-top lingerie for generations. Its kitschy "Honeymoon Must Haves" category includes a Sheer Marabou Babydoll outfit, which most girls would feel pretty silly donning. The shop also stocks "Shower Suggestions" good for a giggle. However, brides actually may find the selection of corsets and shapewear on its "Wedding Day Essentials" to be practical under-gown items.

8. Rigby & Peller Online Lingerie

Known for made-to-measure undergarments, Rigby & Peller holds the Royal Warrant of Appointment as Corsetieres to H.M. Queen Elizabeth (otherwise known as they're the bra-makers to the Queen). But don't let that scare you off. They have plenty of updated luxury lingerie styles, too.

9. Trashy Lingerie Online Shop

Ever wonder where Madonna bought her bullet corsets or Pamela Anderson picks up her leather ones? Like those performers and Demi Moore, Dolly Parton, Julia Roberts, and Roseanne Barr, they're all Trashy lingerie shoppers. Yet you don't have to spend like a celeb to get the Trashy look; the online shop offers plenty of bargains as well as its unique "camigarters," which are chemises with adjustable garters attached.
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