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Modern Honolulu Honeymoon


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Modern Honolulu Honeymoon
Modern Honolulu Honeymoon

The sculpture behind the lobby desk made of autographed broken surfboards shows arrivals that the Modern Honolulu is not your standard Waikiki high-rise.

The Modern Honolulu.
DJ sets, celebrity clientele, and a “Pleasure Package” on the room service menu (hint: the whipped cream is not for cocoa) are just a few clues honeymoon couples and other romantics are a long way from the hokey tourist luau.

Designed by Ian Schrager of Delano fame, this sleek boutique hotel captures the worldliness of Waikiki and the sexiness of surf culture. The beautiful people and hip décor might give regular (or sloppy) Joes pause, but just breathe deep and let the hotel’s custom plumeria scent soothe you. Relax. Live a little. And be one of the glamorous types you watch on TV, if only for a few days.

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