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Top 6 Clothesfree Travel & Nude Beach Directories


If you're eager to spend your next vacation as free of clothing as you are of concerns, get a hold of one of these books. They'll tell you all about the nude beaches and resorts where the fig-leaf crowd cavorts.

1. Adults Only Travel

Despite some organizational confusion, this book can serve as a good introduction to the range of nude vacations available to couples around the world. Resorts, inns, cruises, and erotic events are covered. Review based on first edition.

2. The Naked Truth about Hedonism II

Subtitled "A Naughty but Nice Guide to Jamaica's All-Inclusive, Very Adult Resort," this book takes a closer look at the getaway that enjoys a 90% repeat guest rate, the highest in the Caribbean. Find out what all the fun and fuss are about in this good-natured, um, exposé.

3. World Guide to Nude Beaches & Resorts

Contains listings for more than 1,300 clothing-optional beaches, hot springs, parks and resorts in the U.S. Published by the Naturist Society, an organization serious about baring it all.
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4. World's Best Nude Beaches and Resorts

Available from Amazon, this updated sequel to the nude beach directory above book published in 2007.

5. North American Guide to Nude Recreation

Billing itself as "the most comprehensive listing of nude recreation resorts and clubs," this book by the American Sunbathing Association staff is useful for travelers seeking a friendly spot along the road to doff their clothes and commune with fellow nudists.

6. Vermont Unveiled

Vermont gets its due in this volume, subtitled "A Photographic Guide to Nudism in the Green Mountain State."
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