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Biltmore Estate, The Jewel of Asheville, NC


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Asheville's Finest Home
Biltmore Estate, The Jewel of Asheville, NC

Visitors from around the world travel to Asheville to explore this American estate, wander through its magnificent gardens, and sample vintages from its winery.

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Constructed at the end of 19th century in the style of a French Renaissance chateau, Biltmore Estate is America's largest private home. It is located in Asheville, North Carolina, near the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Building Biltmore Estate was the vision of George Vanderbilt, an heir to the Vanderbilt fortune. Construction began in 1889 and the house opened in 1895 on Christmas day.

The four-story country house spans 4 acres, covering 175,000 square feet. The estate encompasses 125,000 acres in total.

Today Biltmore Estate is a faithfully preserved National Historic Landmark where the public is welcome 365 days a year.

Tickets for admission Biltmore Estate start at $39 per adult (2005 price) and include entry to Biltmore House, Biltmore Gardens, Biltmore Winery, and Biltmore Farm Village.

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