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Glenmere Mansion


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Glenmere Mansion in a Nutshell
Glenmere Mansion

The high-ceilinged lobby features multiple sitting areas, a fireplace at each end, and a self-playing baby grand piano.

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Little more than an hour's drive from New York City, Glenmere is a classically designed 1911 mansion that evokes a villa in Tuscany. New owners purchased the property for $10 million dollars and spent another $30 million to renovate the property, which opened in 2010.

From every angle, Glenmere Mansion pleases the eye. Symmetry was a hallmark of the house's original Carrère and Hastings architects. (The firm was responsible for the iconic New York Public Library.) Glenmere's latest owners have tastefully enhanced what were great bones to begin with.

Archways frame vistas of formal gardens and Hudson River tableaux. Light flows into high-ceilinged rooms from tall windows. Original contemporary art from the co-owners' gallery in Germany decorates the walls.

And the restaurants serve fare that a gourmet colleague pronounced "perfection." It's no wonder this lovely property was accepted into the prestigious Relais & Chateaux group within the first year of its opening.

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