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Things to Do in New Mexico


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Rock Out in North America's Legendary Cave
Things to Do in New Mexico

An otherworldly adventure awaits underground.

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Wondering about what things you could do on a New Mexico vacation?

New Mexico delivers on Wild West fantasies: Visitors to New Mexico bask in cowboy lore, Hispanic history, Native American serenity, spectacular scenery, and great hotels and restaurants.

Magnificent New Mexico’s recreational opportunities are astonishing as well. There are endless things to do, and for couples who love the outdoors, these are among those not to be missed.

Rock Out in North America’s Legendary Cave

Down near the Texas border, Carlsbad Caverns National Park is nothing short of an astounding underground city of rock.

Bring a jacket—it’s a perpetual 55 degrees in the cavern. And make sure you're around for the twice-daily bat flight. Or not.

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