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El Monte Sagrado Resort in Taos, New Mexico


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What to Expect at El Monte Sagrado Resort
El Monte Sagrado Resort in Taos, New Mexico
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El Monte Sagrado is a luxurious Taos resort built in flawless Old West style, with solid adobe walls, Indian antique-filled rooms, lush landscaping, a breathtaking spa, award-winning restaurant and high-level service.

When it opened in 2002, El Monte Sagrado was blessed by a coterie of holy men—from a Buddhist monk to a Reform rabbi—and its trappings are eco-sensitive New Age. But in its soul El Monte Sagrado is a super-deluxe resort catering to couples with a taste for the utmost in refined travel.

Guests at El Monte Sagrado can anticipate to be wowed by their sumptuously appointed Western-style suite. This property is an ideal destination for honeymoon or romantic couples seeking a New Mexico getaway filled with frontier feeling.

Taos is a small town, and twosomes who book at El Monte Sagrado will find that one of this destination’s most gratifying pleasures is nesting at El Monte Sagrado.

Couples who travel the world first class should not miss a romantic visit to this exquisitely designed resort in a jewelbox Old West village.

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