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Taos Ski Resort in Taos, New Mexico

At Taos Ski Resort, Southwestern art and culture surround you.


Taos Ski Resort in Taos, New Mexico
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Just an hour and 15 minutes from Santa Fe -- and an awesomely scenic drive through winter's wilderness to a mecca of Southwestern culture -- Taos Ski Resort was named a top choice by ski editors.

That's not Taos Ski Resort's only claim to fame: The North American Snowsports Journalists Association also voted Taos one of the most romantic spots in the West.

Taos' uncrowded ski slopes, array of restaurants offering everything from enchiladas to wienershnitzel, average 300 inches of snow a year, and 300-plus days of sunshine helped Taos Ski Resort earn these kudos.

A mix of Anglo, Spanish and Indian cultures, Taos has a long history as an art colony and contains an impressive number of museums for a town its size. Jewelry collectors will be dazzled by the selection of silver and turquoise creations that decorate everything from belts to bolos to elaborate necklaces.

The Taos Pueblo, which dates back as far as 1200 AD, casts a magic spell. Its little chapel has been photographed against azure skies countless times. Today many Pueblo Indians work at the Taos Mountain Casino, whose winnings fund the community.

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