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What is a Day Club?


What is a Day Club?

Pool party at Tao Beach dayclub.

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Question: What is a Day Club?
Answer: Although the day club concept may not have originated in Las Vegas, the city certainly has refined and elaborated upon the idea of creating a pool party atmosphere that combines sun, cabanas, loud music, booze, and revelers around shallow swimming pools wearing as little as possible.

As with a nightclub, day club attendees must be a certain age to be admitted and proof is required as alcohol is served on the premises. Typically there is a cover charge. DJs keep the music loud and current and dealers keep the games going and the chips circulating.

Tao Beach at The Palazzo can get pretty wild. The pool at the dayclub is fairly small, and on a hot day there's practically standing room only in the water. It gets even more crowded when rappers take to the stage at the lip of the pool. Private cabanas with HDTV, X-Box, waitress service and internet access away from the madding crowd can make guests feel like pashas. Less expensive lounging is available around the perimeter of the pool and radiating out from it.

Located in The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Marquee — which operates as both a nightclub and a day club — is the most popular day club in Las Vegas at this writing. Outdoors, it covers the 17th floor of the hotel and features multiple swimming pools, daybeds, Grand Cabanas, and Bungalow Lofts resembling private villas that have a cabana, kitchen-living room and roof deck.

Attracting a somewhat older and classier crowd, the Beach Club at Encore has multiple books, lounges, daybeds, and two tiers of cabanas surrounding the action. European style (topless) bathing is permitted at one of the pools that is restricted to adults 21 and over.

When the sun goes down, the day clubs morph into nightclubs and the revelry continues.

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